Is Iceland worth a visit?

16 hours to departure. I can hardly wait to put my feet on this island. But my backpack is only packed one-third. I quickly save a few spots in Google Maps until I may close one or two eyes before the journey begins.

Probably my schedule is to big for the time I spent on it, as always. However always with the thought at the back of one's mind that I will not come back again. It seems to me nevertheless a very good approach to be.

Check-In ... Boarding ... Seating ... Check!

We're in the air. In less than 3 hours the adventure Iceland starts. We spend the first days in Reykjavik and let it go slowly. A little bit of city and port and in the evening a delicious if also small kebab for 17 euros.

Next morning, the first spot leads us north-west to the 400m high mountain Kirkjufell. He owes his name 'church tower', to his silhouette

What a wonderful place. Although a few cars fill the parking lot during the off-season, we have enough space to enjoy the landscape.

Afterwards, we continue with our Offroader a bit further towards the west coast once around the peninsula Snæfellsnes to the small fishing village Arnarstapi where a small cottage has become known through countless pictures.

At the next morning we leave the north-western part of the island and our accommodation in Rykjavik. It goes to the souther region where we get our secluded wooden cottage near Selfoss. Of course not directly. We stop in Pingvellir, on various geysers and large and small waterfalls with names all ending with -foss. By the way, can you tell me a waterfall in Iceland that does not end on -foss?

The weather forecast does not bode well, but that does not mean much in Iceland, because the weather changes all the time. Temperature fluctuations within a few kilometers by 10 degrees are not uncommon. So we do not spend much time on it and make our way to the SeljalandsFOSS waterfall, our first stop for this day.


The weather is fine, but on the way to Vik we pass through a dense nebula, which is really not very promising. From the landscape to the right and left of the road we can not even guess what. We could also have driven through a tunnel.

One hour drive later and before we heading to Vik, we turn right to Dyrhólaey, a small peninsula who is the result of a submarine volcanic eruption. We are moving forward on a narrow and cobbled path to the viewpoint on Black Sand Beach. Above it's storming and it rains like from buckets.. In five white hire cars, which are like standing on a beaded cord with the front towards the sea, people sit in and wait for better times. We joined and waited too.

But the weather will not get better. Shortly we pull the raincoats over and dare a few steps out of the car. Just take a look. But after less than 2 meters we are completely wet. Our viewers have fun and laugh. Doesn't matter! We make our photos, because we were already wet.

I am not finished with this place yet. After a long discussion we come to the conclusion that we will come back on the penultimate day. The weather forecast promises improvement.

11 hours later we are back on the road to our most eastern point, the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón. Such a stunning place.


A few great hours at this breathtaking place are coming to an end and we are slowly making our way back. A few great hours at this breathtaking place are coming to an end and we are slowly making our way back. Vik - still foggy.


The days pass by as if in flight. Unfortunately. Our last two days we actually spend completely in the southern region of Iceland. Skogafoss, Vik, Black Sand Beach, the crashed DC-3 plane and a bath in the great natural pool Seljavallalaug are still outstanding.

Let's start with the big Skogafoss waterfall, which can be seen directly from the street and it's perfect for a quick visit.

We continue to Vik in the hope of good weather, but we have no luck with Vik and the Black Sand Beach.

It’s just Iceland and not the Balearic Islands.
— Maik

We turn our backs to Vik and drive to the starting point for an hour-long hike to the crashed DC-3 plane, which is in the middle of nowhere at the endless Black Sand Beach. The weather here is really great. We pack our things and dress warmly. Despite the sun, the wind at Black Sand Beach is damn fresh and there is no protection on the 4 km. The view is endless and full of black volcanic sand.

After 50 minutes we can see the DC-3. A great sight. Such an airplane in the middle of nowhere. An atmosphere like on the moon.

Finally, we deserved a relaxed bath. So in our Dacia Duster and further west to the Seljavallalaug.

On the way back to our cozy cabin we still have fun next to the road with us and some locals. The wide is breathtaking and the view from above shows us wonderful structures of nature.


One last time we sleep like marmots in our small wooden cozy cottage. One week Iceland is coming to an end. An island full of surprises, adventures, breathtaking nature and many wonderful places.

Even if my upcoming trips are already fixed, I will definitely fly to Iceland again. Especially the whole north and east and parts of the Highland still stand out.

I'm already looking forward to it.